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The Criminalization of Dissent

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.

Germany has been leading the way. For over a year, anyone questioning or protesting the “Covid emergency measures” or the official Covid-19 narrative has been demonized by the government and the media, and, sadly, but not completely unexpectedly, the majority of the German public. And now such dissent is officially “extremism.”

Yes, that’s right, in “New Normal” Germany, if you dissent from the official state ideology, you are now officially a dangerous “extremist.” The German Intelligence agency (the “BfV”) has even invented a new category of “extremists” in order to allow themselves to legally monitor anyone suspected of being “anti-democratic and/or delegitimizing the state in a way that endangers security,” like … you know, non-violently protesting, or speaking out against, or criticizing, or satirizing, the so-called “New Normal.”

Naturally, I’m a little worried, as I have engaged in most of these “extremist” activities. My thoughtcrimes are just sitting there on the Internet waiting to be scrutinized by the BfV. They’re probably Google-translating this column right now, compiling a list of all the people reading it, and their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and professional associates, and family members, and anyone any of the aforementioned people have potentially met with, or casually mentioned, who might have engaged in similar thought-crimes.

You probably think I’m joking, don’t you? I’m not joking. Not even slightly. The Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (“Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz”) is actively monitoring anyone questioning or challenging the official “New Normal” ideology … the “Covid Deniers,” the “conspiracy theorists,” the “anti-vaxxers,” the dreaded “Querdenkers” (i.e., people who “think outside the box”), and anyone else they feel like monitoring who has refused to join the Covidian Cult. We’re now official enemies of the state, no different than any other “terrorists” … or, OK, technically, a little different.

As The New York Times reported last week (German Intelligence Puts Coronavirus Deniers Under Surveillance), “the danger from coronavirus deniers and conspiracy theorists does not fit the mold posed by the usual politically driven groups, including those on the far left and right, or by Islamic extremists.” Still, according to the German Interior Ministry, we diabolical “Covid deniers,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “anti-vaxxers” have “targeted the state itself, its leaders, businesses, the press, and globalism,” and have “attacked police officers” and “defied civil authorities.”

Moreover, back in August of 2020, in a dress rehearsal for the “Storming of the Capitol,” “Covid-denying” insurrectionists “scaled the steps of Parliament” (i.e., the Reichstag). Naturally, The Times neglects to mention that this so-called “Storming of the Reichstag” was performed by a small sub-group of protesters to whom the German authorities had granted a permit to assemble (apart from the main demonstration, which was massive and completely peaceful) on the steps of the Reichstag, which the German police had, for some reason, left totally unguarded. In light of the background of the person the German authorities issued this “Steps-of-the-Reichstag” protest permit to — a known former-NPD functionary, in other words, a neo-Nazi — well, the whole thing seemed a bit questionable to me … but what do I know? I’m just a “conspiracy theorist.”

According to Al Jazeera, the German Interior Ministry explained that these querkening “extremists encourage supporters to ignore official orders and challenge the state monopoly on the use of force.” Seriously, can you imagine anything more dangerous? Mindlessly following orders and complying with the state’s monopoly on the use of force are the very cornerstones of modern democracy … or some sort of political system, anyway.

But, see, there I go, again “being anti-democratic” and “delegitimizing the state,” not to mention “relativizing the Holocaust” (also a criminal offense in Germany) by comparing one totalitarian system to another, as I have done repeatedly on social media, and in a column I published in November of 2020, when the parliament passed the “Infection Protection Act,” which bears no comparison whatsoever to the “Enabling Act of 1933.”

This isn’t just a German story, of course. As I reported in a column in February, The “New Normal” War on Domestic Terror is a global war, and it’s just getting started. According to a Department of Homeland SecurityNational Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin(and the “liberal” corporate-media propaganda machine), “democracy” remains under imminent threat from these “ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority” and other such “grievances fueled by false narratives” including “anger over Covid-19 restrictions.”

These Covid-denying “violent extremists” have apparently joined forces with the “white-supremacist, Russia-backed, Trump-loving “Putin-Nazis” that terrorized “democracy” for the past four years, and almost overthrew the US government by sauntering around inside the US Capitol Building without permission, scuffling with police, attacking furniture, and generally acting rude and unruly. No, they didn’t actually kill anyone, as the corporate media all reported they did, but trespassing in a government building and putting your feet up on politicians’ desks is pretty much exactly the same as “terrorism.”

Or whatever. It’s not like the truth actually matters, not when you are whipping up mass hysteria over imaginary “Russian assets,” “white-supremacist militias,” “Covid-denying extremists,” “anti-vax terrorists,” and “apocalyptic plagues.” When you’re rolling out a new official ideology — a pathologized-totalitarian ideology — and criminalizing all dissent, the point is not to appear to be factual. The point is just to terrorize the shit out of people.

As Hermann Goering famously explained regarding how to lead a country to war (and the principle holds true for any big transition, like the one we are experiencing currently):

“[T]he people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.”

Go back and read those quotes from the German Interior Ministry and the DHS again slowly. The message they are sending is unmistakably clear. It might not seem all that new, but it is. Yes, they have been telling us “we are being attacked” and denouncing critics, protesters, and dissidents for twenty years (i.e., since the War on Terror was launched in 2001, and for the last four years in their War on Populism), but this is a whole new level of it … a fusion of official narratives and their respective official enemies into a singular, aggregate official narrative in which dissent will no longer be permitted.

Instead, it will be criminalized, or it will be pathologized.

Seriously, go back and read those quotes again. Global capitalist governments and their corporate media mouthpieces are telling us, in no uncertain terms, that “objection to their authority” will no longer be tolerated, nor will dissent from their official narratives. Such dissent will be deemed “dangerous” and above all “false.” It will not be engaged with or rationally debated. It will be erased from public view. There will be an inviolable, official “reality.” Any deviation from official “reality” or defiance of the “civil authorities” will be labelled “extremism,” and dealt with accordingly.

This is the essence of totalitarianism, the establishment of an inviolable official ideology and the criminalization of dissent. And that is what is happening, right now. A new official ideology is being established. Not a state ideology. A global ideology. The “New Normal” is that official ideology. Technically, it is an official post-ideology, an official “reality,” an axiomatic “fact,” which only “criminals” and “psychopaths” would deny.

I’ll be digging deeper into “New Normal” ideology and “pathologized totalitarianism” in my future columns, and … sorry, they probably won’t be very funny. For now I’ll leave you with two more quotes. The emphasis is mine, as ever.

Here’s California State Senator Richard Pan, author of an op-ed in the Washington Post: “Anti-vax extremism is akin to domestic terrorism,” quoted in the Los Angeles Times:

“These extremists have not yet been held accountable, so they continue to escalate violence against the body public … We must now summon the political will to demand that domestic terrorists face consequences for their words and actions. Our democracy and our lives depend on it … They’ve been building alliances with white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and [others] on the far right …”

And here’s Peter Hotez in Nature magazine:

“The United Nations and the highest levels of governments must take direct, even confrontational, approaches with Russia, and move to dismantle anti-vaccine groups in the United States. Efforts must expand into the realm of cyber security, law enforcement, public education and international relations. A high-level inter-agency task force reporting to the UN secretary-general could assess the full impact of anti-vaccine aggression, and propose tough, balanced measures. The task force should include experts who have tackled complex global threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks and nuclear armament, because anti-science is now approaching similar levels of peril. It is becoming increasingly clear that advancing immunization requires a counter-offensive.”

We’ll be hearing a lot more rhetoric like this as this new, more totalitarian structure of global capitalism gradually develops … probably a good idea to listen carefully, and assume the New Normals mean exactly what they say.

CJ Hopkins
May 3, 2021

How Much is Enough?

I have been thinking about integrity and honesty, and frankly should humanity even continue, but that is another thread. In my thinking, I keep coming back to the same question: How much or little cheating is enough? Or stated another way?

How much of a lie makes you a liar?
How much cheating do you have to do to be a cheater?
How much do you need to steal for you to be considered a thief?
How much infidelity do you need to be considered an adulterer?
How much fraud to you need to commit for it to be criminal?
How much of the truth needs to be changed for it to be untrue?
How much shit exactly, does something need to have to be considered a shit sandwich?
How dead must a person be to be considered murdered?
How pregnant do you have to be to be considered pregnant?

OK, the last two were off topic but the answer is “any”..

Any amount of lying makes you a liar.
Any amount of cheating makes you a cheater.
Any amount of stealing makes you a thief.
Any amount of infidelity makes you an adulterer.
Any amount of fraud makes it a crime.
Any amount of untruth makes it false.

These are step functions: it is either 100% or 0%. There is no scale to truth, honesty, integrity, character, or fidelity. These are virtues and you either possess them or you do not. To paraphrase Yoda, “You are or you are not, there is no middle.” To accept a little fraud, lying, cheating, and stealing is to accept a lot.

So, you see if there were any lies, cheating, stealing, or fraud in the past election, it makes the whole election false, untrue, and bogus. Essentially, any amount of shit makes it a shit sandwich inedible except for the ones who want to force it down our throats. So, those people who keep lying, cheating, stealing, and have no integrity need to have a “come to Jesus” meeting real soon with the consequences of their actions.

Two quotes come to mind, both by Benjamin Franklin, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters,” and “We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it.” So, as you can see by letting this situation stand we are no longer a virtuous people and neither deserve freedom nor a Republic. Instead we are now lead by masters intent on keeping us in pens and cages. For me, there is some shit I shall not eat.

Intolerable Acts

There are some people who are stunned at the idea that we might have a fraudulently elected president. I am in that category. Why? The idea that one of the last bastions against tyranny, the ballot box, is gone leaves Americans with few methods to redress their grievances. What are we supposed to do next time, vote harder?

But the idea that the presidency, the crown jewel of political power in the world can be sold is intolerable to many. Intolerable means simply that – cannot be tolerated. If the office can be openly stolen once, it can be openly stolen in the future.

At last count, over 60% of voters thought the election was rigged, which includes Leftists. Since they felt that Orange Man was literally the most evil and fascist person ever (rather than the mid-1990s moderate his policies showed him to be) cheating to Leftists is justified. The ends always justify the means to the Left. They’re happy the election was rigged. Now, they will reap what they have sown.

Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error

OK I am just dying to see how the Left is going to try an fact check this out of existence? This is huge. There literally is now a smoking gun, with finger prints, and a confession now indicating that, no it is not humans, but machines that are flipping votes. This my friends now opens the door to do a forensic audit in every battleground state that runs Dominion machines, as well as the other 20 odd states (including California) that uses the machines.

Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error

In the map below, States with blue a circle means Dominion runs the whole state. Grey states means they run 1 or more counties. In Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, of course they are running in the largest Democrat controlled counties/cities… Nice. Also, some are questioning California’s vote count, and actually believe that there are upwards of 3 million flipped / phantom votes, and that in actuality, California went RED!

More Fraud Analysis form Georgia and its fake recount

More fun in Georgia on acceptance rates of mail in ballots. Typically (historically) the rejection rate of mail-in ballots in Georgia is 5.7%, but lo and behold in the 2020 Presidential election if dropped to 0.4%.. hum So you get 50% more ballots and your rejection rate magically drops?

Again, this is from Crowder’s MugClub and Louder from Crowder (a humor site), but they are just using public data to conclude fraud. Here is the analysis of Georgia

Then there was the sending home of canvassers in Fulton County saying they were going to stop the count, then one hour later started counting again! Again, they turning off of the voting machines due to a pipe burst that never happened.  Then again, Biden gets a huge dump of votes.. amazing..

This is pretty funny in some places as well. Especially the jokes about Russia hacking the election…

Pennsylvania Mailed out 1.8 Million Mail-In Ballots, Got Back 2.5 Million

Gettysburg, PA… the turning place of the US Civil War and no coincidence that Giuliani chose this location to echo the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” This is precisely what Trump has pledged to do and has done.

Here is a recap of the claims Mayor Giuliani made of the fraud in Pennsylvania, which by all measures, is monumental. Only someone who believes the Earth is flat could deny that at least in PA this election was rigged in Biden’s favor and should be handed over to Trump along with the 20 Electoral Votes.

Note: Of course lame stream media is now claiming that no, 3 million ballots were sent out? I do not think Giuliana would make such a rookie mistake as not verifying the numbers?

Trump’s Legal Strategy Update: A Sun Tzu move

OK, everyone is in a tizzy about Sidney Powell’s apparent departure from the Rudy Giuliani / Jenna Ellis legal team is not to be unexpected. As Sun Tzu once said, “The victorious make many calculations prior to the fight, for every battle is won before it is ever fought.”

With this said, their strategy is becoming more straightforward. The ultimate goal is to get these claims to a very friend Supreme Court, but you cannot do that with proof and there are two time arch here.

First is the easy proofs of mail in ballot fraud, over-counts, denying viewing of ballots, two tier voting standards, double / triple / quadruple ballot counting, dead voters, voters voting in two states, and just plan ballot stuffing. This is what Team Giuliani / Ellis is undertaking.  Case in point: In Wayne county Michigan, there are 198,000 ballots logged with no registered votes where 97% goes to one candidate and the voting tallies over 100%. This is a statistical impossibility. On these cases just need a preponderance of evidence to show voter fraud existing, and the vote (or ballots) can be nullified, are at least not certified.

On the longer arc, which is the Dominion Systems debacle, there is more risk because the burden of proof may take longer and also involve treason. Yes, treason. And, Sidney Powell is licensed to prosecute treason cases in a military court. This is where felony charges of systemic voter fraud happens, and will take longer to discover and prosecute. While she might be able to cast doubts on the election, proving it may be too heave a lift in the short amount of time Ms. Powell has to work in, but then again, she is HIGHLY motivated and incredibly intelligent.  Case in point, the are finding that Trump was getting 0.7 vote for every vote he received and Biden was getting 1.5 votes for every vote he received. Plus, there is just the massive data dumps at 4:00 AM.

Lastly, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to follow the money. Remember, Giuliani broke the mob in NYC. Something thought IMPOSSIBLE to do, and Powell got Gen. Flynn acquitted. By separating their efforts but sharing data and complaints, they essentially are attacking the enemy on two fronts (um, think of Germany in WWII). There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT in my mind that Trump won, and in a landslide.

THIS MAY BE THE LARGEST AND MOST CORRUPT SCANDAL IN US HISTORY. And we have had some whoppers. There is a preponderance of proof, even with all the attempts to cover it up. The Democrats were just too confident in their schemes and did not realize that Trump would actually garner 75 million votes. He broke their system by his overwhelming win, and this put them doing stupid stuff.

In closing, Buddha once stated, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”  The truth will have out.

US Federal Election Commission Chairman: You got fraud

So, here it comes. Saw Trey Trainor state unequivocally that fraud was taking place by pollsters actions in various cities. Then looked up the FACT Checks that say that is not what he said, or the FEC does not regulate fraud.. wow, wrong. The main stream media is so in bed with Beijing Biden that it is laughable. They literally have no credibility anymore. It is like having a communist run state news. Here is the link too:

Pennsylvania Moves from Circuit Court to Supreme Court

Recently, the Trump campaign’s suit in the 3rd Circuit Court (Federal) got thrown out, which is EXACTLY what they wanted (as I stated in my strategy statement). Now, Team Trump can move this to the Supreme Court with 50 witnesses, affidavits, and other testimony to put their claim that 682,777 were cast illegally for Biden. This is NOT including the Dominion software which puts in another 180,000+ vote injection.

The statement below explains… one down, 5 to go.

Hammer & Scorecard are Real

OK, the thing I love about the truth and proof it that it is always out there. You may deny, decry, and vilify it, but the truth is the truth, and it will not long stay hidden. So, when it came to the 2020 Elections, way, way back in November 6th, 2020, I remember that someone mentioned a program called Hammer & Scorecard and I saw a video on YouTube (which has been deleted) about it. I thought it was incredible that such a program existed until Major General McInerney said it did, and was actually a part of it in the Department of Defense (DoD). At that time, I sent out an email stating “this is how you can game the system” and “the fix was in.” In any case, here is the video with Gen. McInerney explaining what Hammer & Scorecard is: Still, this was just one man’s accusation, but no concrete proof.. and well, to change anything you need proof.  Enter Mike Lindell.

The man may be a little too enthusiastic, but you have to love his effort. In follow up to Absolute Proof (the video), he has not created another video that a forensic data scientist goes through and describes in detail how, when, where and to what extend the election data was altered to favor Biden, and the main culprit was China. Remember all the trade secrets Hillary sold to the Chines Communist Party (CCP)? Where here you go. Go to the 1 hour 32 minute mark of the video found on this page: this is where the details analysis of the voting flips happened.

Amazingly, Trump may have surpassed 90 million votes nationwide as every jurisdiction in the US where there was electronic voting and tabulation was stealing and flipping votes, and because Trump’s tallies were so huge that had to hammer away manually with the results. Taken together with Dr. Frank’s assessment of electronic election tampering, there should be no doubt to the absolute fraud this election was all about. This is a stolen election, period. As always, I stand your defiant American Dissident.

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

So, why does Trump have any chance of overturning the results in PA, GA, WI, MI, AZ and NV? One woman: Sidney Powell.

I always knew she was a firebrand, coming from Texas, but little did I know this about her integrity and abilities. You might like to read this:

She has often been quoted as saying: “I would not say it unless I can prove it.” If I were the DEMS, I would be pooping in my pants because she have made some really serious claims.  Now love, show us the proof!

As Buddha one said, “Three things cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

The Legal Process of US Presidential Election

Thought I would put in writing what people are missing in the media. The Fourth Estate (yes, that is what the media is called supposedly to balance the other 3 branches of government) has totally been missing the point when they say the Trump lawyers keep losing in the lower courts. That is what they want to do, and rapidly. Why? Because then it gets moved UP to the higher courts, then to the State Supreme Courts, the Federal District Courts and FINALLY to the Supreme Court.

There is  some chance at the State Supreme Court level or Federal District Court level that the evidence is enough to disallow certain votes (i.e. mail in ballots) which may be enough to overturn one or two State results.  Barring that, you now go to the Supreme Court. There, a whole bevy of issues: mail in ballots, barring Republican canvassers, mass dumps of ballots after the cutoff dates, software manipulations of the Dominion machines, etc., etc., etc., will be heard. If even a small of amount of these claims can be proven, and that is a heavy lift, the election can be voided by the Court and sent to the legislature. Not, that one only has to prove there is malfeasance in the election. Notice the DEMs cannot offer a challenge and disprove it, so in the Supreme Court is really is just a one-sided case. Proof trumps everything.

Now the fun starts. Moving the election to the legislator is known as a Contingent Election, and it has happened 3 times in the past. In the United States, a contingent election is the procedure used to elect the president or vice president in the event that no candidate for one or both of these offices wins an absolute majority of votes in the Electoral College or if the election is voided. A presidential contingent election is decided by a special vote of the United States House of Representatives, while a vice-presidential contingent election is decided by a vote of the United States Senate. During a contingent election in the House, each state’s delegation casts one en bloc vote to determine the president, rather than a vote from each representative. Senators, on the other hand, cast votes individually for vice president.

A Presidential candidate must receive an absolute majority of state delegation votes (currently 26 votes) to become the president-elect. The House continues balloting until it elects a president. As a consequence of the state delegation voting method, the party that holds the majority in the House could still lose the contingent election if the minority party holds the majority of state delegations.[5] The District of Columbia, which is not a state, does not receive a vote. At this time the Republicans how a majority in 29 delegations, so the vote could be 29-21 for Trump. The incoming House would vote next year.

As example, let’s use Georgia. Georgia has a Republican majority in the House, that means the House will most likely cast a vote for the Republican candidate.. one vote per State… it is NOT done on the State level. So, in Georgia’s case, there are 14 Representatives with 10 being Republican and 4 Democrat coming in the next session (which will decide the President). They chose to vote amongst the top 3 Presidential candidates and the winner gets the vote in the House. Note, California with 53 Reps, gets only 1 vote, presumably for Biden. So, in 29 States there are more Republican Reps than Dem, even though the Total House has 5 more Democrats that Republicans… the founders again were geniuses. Get to the Supreme Court, get to the House, Trump gets a second term.. and a LOT of people go to jail (hopefully).  In the Senate, the Vice President gets voted on.. one vote per Senator with the sitting VP casting the tying vote.

Fraud, Collusion, Audits and Red Flags you can see from outer space

In auditing you look for red flags. They are weird bits in the data that suggest something shifty is going on. You flag those weird things so you can delve into them further. One flag does not necessarily mean there is fraud. Weird things and honest mistakes happen. A few flags mean stupidity or dishonesty. But a giant pile of red flags means that there is bad stuff going on and people should be in jail. Here is a link (a fairly long read) with the details of the multitude of red flags a forensic audit would uncover:

I am more offended by how ham fisted, clumsy, and audacious the fraud to elect him is than the idea of Joe Biden being president. I think Joe Biden is a corrupt idiot, however, I think America would survive him like we’ve survived previous idiot administrations. However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged and they’re eternally fucked. And now, however this shakes out in court, that’s exactly what half the country is going to think.

People are pissed off, and rightfully so

I can say without hesitation that skullduggery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they will be able to prove it. These people were just to blatantly confident in their schemes.

Alleged Electronic Vote Fraud by the Numbers

Here is a listing of the number of alleged switched and lost votes that Sydney Powell is claiming that effected Trump’s count in the various states. In total, 512,095 votes were considered switched, and 2,865,757 were claimed to be deleted in several states. Most of the “incidences” where with Dominion Software systems. Remember those “glitches” and suspended vote tallies? combine this with the tens of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots, and this is not a case of a few instances of fraud, but a total take over of our electoral system. This is a wide-spread and pervasive attempt to usurp the Presidential election. Why these claims may be baseless, the is an ever increasing amount of statistical and factual evident that a great deal of foul play was afoot. If even a tiny bit of this is true, Trump wins. If all if it is true, he won in a landslide. Please refer to my “defying the laws of physics” email. Trump was right, Biden was the absolute worst candidate, ever. Taken together with the estimation that 2 to 4 million mail in ballots should be thrown out, Trump also won the popular vote. Any way you slice it, this election is far from over.

The REAL Electoral Map

Here is the updated map. NV, MI, AZ and PA in court… WI & GA in audits / recounts. MN to follow with lawsuits. Bottom line, Trump won in a landslide. Add 2.7MM to Trump, flip 485K from Biden to Trump in total. Trump wins popular vote too. Trump to get at least 304 Electoral Votes, maybe 310.

Statistical anomalies and irregularities on this election?

Here’s the question no top Democrat wants to hear this week:

“If you believe Trump is and has been an existential, Hitler-like risk, would you agree Democrats should have done everything in their power to rig the election? If not, why be so cowardly and unpatriotic?”

Not saying there is fraud, but man there are a lot of statistical improbabilities and irregularities that have NEVER happened before in a modern presidential election. Of course, there is a need to verify that nothing unsorted happened, if at all possible.

Interesting step functions in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

And wow Pennsylvania was the worst… the statistical probability of the right quarter of this graphic has NEVER happened before.

And in Michigan…

More interesting step functions in Michigan and Wisconsin. Nice step functions.. ALL going for Biden? Really? Improbable maybe, impossible, absolutely.

This is a statistical improbability if true

And speaking of mail in ballots.. more were requested by Republicans than Democrats in both in Michigan and Wisconsin but seemingly more Democrats actually mailed theirs in?

Note: Benford’s Law follows this principle: Benford’s law, also called the Newcomb–Benford law, the law of anomalous numbers, or the first-digit law, is an observation about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many real-life sets of numerical data. The law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers, the leading digit is likely to be small.[1] In sets that obey the law, the number 1 appears as the leading significant digit about 30% of the time, while 9 appears as the leading significant digit less than 5% of the time. If the digits were distributed uniformly, they would each occur about 11.1% of the time.[2] Benford’s law also makes predictions about the distribution of second digits, third digits, digit combinations, and so on.

It is used to determine financial fraud.. more here:

For a complete outline of these anomalies by a highly partisan site go here:

Not saying there is fraud, but there sure are a LOT of irregularities.. that well, will go to the courts!

Biden’s Campaign and Results defy the Laws of Physics

I learned a long time ago when anything defies the laws of physics, you have to look closely at what is going on. This is true with Biden’s campaign, or lake thereof. If you told me at ANY TIME in US history that a candidate, no matter how popular, could forego any campaigning and win, well that is defying the laws of physics. If you also told me that his opponent was having huge, multiple rallies over a period of 3 weeks and the polls did not move at all, that is defying the laws of physics. If you told me that tens of thousands of votes cast in swing states would only be for one candidate and NO OTHER down ballot candidates, that is defying the laws of physics. If you told me that Americans would willingly and overwhelming chose control and constraint over freedom and choice, that is defying the laws of physics. These are just assertions, not proof of anything.

Now we have math nerds telling us that yes, it was defying the laws of physics or math at least:

A little Civics Lesson:

As rallies were scheduled to take place in key battleground areas to demand only legal votes were counted, the major networks announced Biden-Harris were the winners. Apparently, they are under the impression that they decide election results. They do not. On December 14, electors chosen by state legislators cast their votes. No one else but the state legislators have that right. (Article II, Sec. 1,§2 of the Constitution). Certainly not the press, nor state boards of elections, secretaries of state, governors, nor courts.

If they have reason to believe the elections in their states were unlawfully conducted and the results fraudulent, they can act to override them. (You can see a detailed history of this section of the Constitution in this fine article by Daniel Horowitz.) The Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania  legislatures are majority Republican. At first glance these states — particularly the precincts in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia — are the most suspect.

Is there ample evidence of fraud sufficient to have altered the will of the legal voters in these states? It sure looks that way.

What if There’s no Winner Declared by Inauguration Day?

There seems to be a lot of assertions that in such a case Nancy Pelosi will be the interim president. Nope. Should that eventuality occur, the House votes for an interim president and the Senate for an interim vice president. (The House votes are by state — one vote each — and the Republicans hold a majority of 26 states. Our founders were geniuses. Never, ever, ever forget that!)

Circle the wagons, it is about to get criminal.

Massive voter fraud uncovered in Harris County, Texas

By M. Dowling November 2, 2020

Former Houston City Councilman and poll watcher Andrew C. Burks, a lifelong Democrat, came forward to private investigators to express his belief that the long-running Democrat voter fraud operation in Harris County, Texas is still in operation in the 2020 election.

Andrew Burks

Burks explains based on his experience that electronic voting machines sometimes still have the ballots in them, meaning ballots were not counted. He explains how he has received evidence of dead people voting in Harris County, the National File reported.

Harris County, Texas is conducting 24-hour voting beginning Thursday, even as the county is engulfed in a voter fraud scandal that ensnared the Joe Biden campaign’s recent Texas political director Dallas Jones.

One Biden campaign staffer was fired after he was implicated in an illegal ballot harvesting operation.

Vote count discrepancies are already being reported in Harris County.

The FBI is investigating, for whatever the good that will do. I mean, they’re so busy investigating a Trump caravan following the Biden-Harris bus, and all.

Investigators Found Corruption

According to the National File, twenty private investigators have uncovered a great deal. What has been uncovered is a group of masterminds wanting to destroy the Texas voting voice. Some of the masterminds include Democrat County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Democrat State Senator Boris Miles. They have two captains, Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones.

Jones was hired by the Biden campaign to run the Biden Texas operation. These captains have scores of paid vote harvesters working for them. Vote harvesting is a second-degree felony under the Texas Election Code. This is a criminal operation that these Democrat elected officials are running. Dallas was allegedly fired by the Biden campaign.

If Texas turns blue, it will be wheeling and dealing like this.

They harvest ballots by mail from nursing homes, homeless centers, door to door in poor neighborhoods, often dressed as Census workers.  Also, they offer $50 gift cards in front of stores asking people to take ballots by mail, acquired from the above, to sign and mail at a local post office. They hold ballots by mail in several locations where people forge signatures on the collected ballots by mail.

Evidence has been presented to the local DA, Kim Ogg, who received a substantial amount of political contributions from Soros funded organizations in her election in 2018.

They mailed ballots to the elderly without requests in violation of Texas law.

In the meantime, the Democrats are implementing their massive election voter fraud scheme, mostly in open sight. One arrest would go miles in stopping this election fraud scheme. The drive-through locations are located primarily in Democrat areas. This also violates the 14th Amendment.”

Andrew Burks explains how he PERSONALLY was given info proving dead people’s names are used to vote.

The Fix was In

There really was no way that Trump is going to win, no matter what, even if he did get most of the votes legally. Either way, our Democracy is in shambles primarily because of the DEMOCRATS.

The election this November isn’t going to be as much about Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but more a defining moment deciding the future of our country. Deciding if we are going to remain a free nation where elections matter or whether we’re going to become a third-world country.

This election won’t be fair. The Democrats have already been stacking the deck, pushing the vote-by-mail process, using the virus as the excuse and claiming polling places disenfranchise the poor. They also continue to use the virus to keep the country held down and preventing it from emerging out of the financial hole we’ve been placed in. Those points are valid and true.

What is also true is the big three tech companies have for years, but accelerated in 2020, their form of censorship and manipulation. Google, Facebook and Twitter are doing all they can to control content away from conservative ideals and push their liberal agenda using the full strength of their monopoly-controlled information source.

This is a good opinion piece on what will most likely happen now.

Take Action! We are Winning This!

Two new bills (SB97 and HB16) have been introduced in Texas in both houses requesting a forensic audit of the 13 largest counties in Texas: Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant, Travis, Collin, Denton, Hidalgo, Fort Bend, El Paso, Montgomery, Williamson and Cameron. Please support this bill by contacting your State Representative.

1. Find your Texas Representative with this link: Here

2. Call, email, mail or visit your Texas State Representative to tell them how you feel.

3. Spread the word and get as many people as you can to help take back our elections and stop the fraud!

Success! No More Signatures Needed!
Contact your State Representative to
Support SB97 & HB16!

Two new bills (SB97 and HB16) have been introduced in Texas in both houses requesting a forensic audit of the 13 largest counties in Texas: Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant, Travis, Collin, Denton, Hidalgo, Fort Bend, El Paso, Montgomery, Williamson and Cameron. Please support this bill by contacting your State Representative.

1. Find your Texas Representative with this link: Here

2. Call, email, mail or visit your Texas State Representative to tell them how you feel.

3. Spread the word and get as many people as you can to help take back our elections and stop the fraud!