Here is a listing of the number of alleged switched and lost votes that Sydney Powell is claiming that effected Trump’s count in the various states. In total, 512,095 votes were considered switched, and 2,865,757 were claimed to be deleted in several states. Most of the “incidences” where with Dominion Software systems. Remember those “glitches” and suspended vote tallies? combine this with the tens of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots, and this is not a case of a few instances of fraud, but a total take over of our electoral system. This is a wide-spread and pervasive attempt to usurp the Presidential election. Why these claims may be baseless, the is an ever increasing amount of statistical and factual evident that a great deal of foul play was afoot. If even a tiny bit of this is true, Trump wins. If all if it is true, he won in a landslide. Please refer to my “defying the laws of physics” email. Trump was right, Biden was the absolute worst candidate, ever. Taken together with the estimation that 2 to 4 million mail in ballots should be thrown out, Trump also won the popular vote. Any way you slice it, this election is far from over.

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Two new bills (SB97 and HB16) have been introduced in Texas in both houses requesting a forensic audit of the 13 largest counties in Texas: Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Tarrant, Travis, Collin, Denton, Hidalgo, Fort Bend, El Paso, Montgomery, Williamson and Cameron. Please support this bill by contacting your State Representative.

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