More fun in Georgia on acceptance rates of mail in ballots. Typically (historically) the rejection rate of mail-in ballots in Georgia is 5.7%, but lo and behold in the 2020 Presidential election if dropped to 0.4%.. hum So you get 50% more ballots and your rejection rate magically drops?

Again, this is from Crowder’s MugClub and Louder from Crowder (a humor site), but they are just using public data to conclude fraud. Here is the analysis of Georgia

Then there was the sending home of canvassers in Fulton County saying they were going to stop the count, then one hour later started counting again! Again, they turning off of the voting machines due to a pipe burst that never happened.  Then again, Biden gets a huge dump of votes.. amazing..

This is pretty funny in some places as well. Especially the jokes about Russia hacking the election…

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